Nathan Rotman to Olivia Chow — @oliviachow speaking at her organizing meeting in North York tonight #topoli #olivia4mayor @ Lansing…
Cold Hard Truth to Stephen Harper — @pmharper The MP's/ CON pundits on tv stuttering + lying out ass trying to defend your bullshit policies are doing a terrible job. #cdnpoli
Cristian Paunescu to Elizabeth May MP — @ElizabethMay Are there any supertankers in the area at this time?
don muntean to Stephen Harper — @pmharper @JustinTrudeau @ThomasMulcair @PremierBradWall I've fought this rights abuse LONGER than any of you've led your respective parties
Cold Hard Truth to Stephen Harper — @pmharper It's like every single thing you touches turns to shit. And you wonder why we dont trust U + Enbridge w/our coast. #cdnpoli
Krakus Varsovian to Elizabeth May MP — @ElizabethMay If I run as #GPC candidate in my riding, can we also get a TARDIS?
IT'S JEREMY! to Stephen Harper — @pmharper What exactly did you two discuss?
John Baird — @ottawalifers: Are you interested in what @HonJohnBaird has to say about the crisis in Ukraine? Keep reading..
State of Canada to Stephen Harper — @pmharper replaces #TFWP with Express Entry gets TFWs into Canada faster Unemployment still 7%
Leona McIsaac Moran to Justin Trudeau, MP — @JustinTrudeau we must actually have our act together on the environment to be received by others who might buy our products !
Brad Nicolai to Stephen Harper — @pmharper you are a crook along with all of the rodents on parliament hill
Saj to Elizabeth May MP — @ElizabethMay What a shame. Not surprising though.
Libby Davies — #EarthDay2014 means we re-double efforts to hold Cons govt to account for abysmal record on #climatechange
johngallant to Elizabeth May MP — @ElizabethMay Earth Day what a joke its earth day every day we LIVE on nor I nor anyone can fix it period its all about dollars
Caen Moore to Elizabeth May MP — @ElizabethMay @pmharper recent canadian political blunders make me sad for our new reputation as Earth killers. #notarsands #savethewhales
Dr. Kirsty Duncan — #SouthSudan:UNICEF calls for $38 million 2 meet nutrition needs of country, beyond $1.3 billion appeal which is just 38% funded #cdnpoli
Robert Stanley to Stephen Harper — @pmharper So Harper works hard to shore up Ukranian voters and then gives it all back PLUS on Humpback move. This one has legs war room!!!
SPHFoundation to Elizabeth May MP — @ElizabethMay came by and took a #TARDISselfie to raise funds for our foundation - you can too! Visit @HolyCowVictoria in Sidney!
Elizabeth May MP — How Stephen Harper marked Earth Day: remove protection of humpback whales to make room for supertankers. #cdnpoli #notankers #Enbridge
Carolyn Bennett  — @DavidZimmerMPP: Magnificent day learning & talking with Chief Donna Big Canoe & council of Chippewas of Georgina Island FN.
christian le hawk to Françoise Boivin — @FBoivinNPD Une motion pour faire passé le vote a la proportionnelle Svp,,Ces a nous de décidé les électeurs 39%=pas une majorité #NPD
Mavis Twice to Justin Trudeau, MP — @JustinTrudeau CANADA knows what "it" is like..if ppl just don't want it 2 work out, it just plain won't. Lived most places, & that's "it".
Becki Smith to John Baird — @HonJohnBaird in Prague stresses Canada's support for NATO's eastern members #canada #nato @CP24
sparkydt to Stephen Harper — @pmharper Mr Gray deserves a state funeral, it is the right thing to do
Laura Buttner to Elizabeth May MP — @ElizabethMay this is true. But with Harper majrty, we've been w/o federal leadership for so long, many CDNs probably forget what that is.
Dr. Kirsty Duncan — #SouthSudan: violence worsening food & water situation; 50,000 #children under 5 could die b4 end of yr without urgent action #malnutrition
Françoise Boivin — Viens de visionner sur mon ENP "Le droit de savoir" sur l'itinérance. Bravo #BduQ pour ce programme et #canalsavoir et #TQC #justice
Robert Stanley to Stephen Harper — @pmharper Sad 2 C the protectional status on the humpbacks changed but thrilled to know his BC vote support just shrank. Whatsnext. Grizzlys
Sen. Mobina Jaffer to Dr. Kirsty Duncan — @KirstyDuncanMP #trafficking of children and #child soldiers very much inter-related. Need to protect our #children
Dr. Kirsty Duncan — #SouthSudan: #children must be kept out of harm's way; all measures must be taken 2 prevent #children being part of armed groups #cdnpoli
tmainframedino to Olivia Chow — @oliviachow wants Scarborough to get slower, longer, stone cold, above ground transit 4 years sooner.. like it's a good thing #topoli
Robyn Good to Dr. Kirsty Duncan — @KirstyDuncanMP We already work hard and it's paid off. No need for @JustinTrudeau's elitist crap. #lpc #cdnpoli
Dr. Kirsty Duncan — #SouthSudan: @UNICEF; “This is fierce, brutal infantry fighting – #children must not be instruments of this conflict” @UNICEFLive #cdnpoli
weneedaLAW to Dr. Hedy Fry — @HedyFry You will find nothing in SCC ruling demanding that public money is used to fund private #abortion clinics.
Rena Woss to Elizabeth May MP — @ElizabethMay Tories badly needs to get up 2 speed on Climate Change & protect Environment. Urgent info: HARVARD:
Mark Warawa — 2/ Keep it simple: Use water wisely, conserve energy, make greener shopping choices, reduce waste, and always recycle.
Mark Warawa — 1/ This #EarthDay, learn more about the simple things we can do to keep our environment clean, healthy and safe.
Mark Warawa — 2/ Please click on this link to nominate your #EnvironmentalHero today:
Mark Warawa — 1/ #Langley #EnvironmentalHero nominations deadline has been extended to May 26, 2014.
Hon. John McKay M.P. — @cmusician: #PnPCBC Based on math, Colin Carrie? As @JohnMcKayLib said, #CPC basing its decision on 2% approval rate is lousy math .. #c
Hon. John McKay M.P. — @lorabruncke: @PnPCBC @PaulDewar @JohnMcKayLib Thank you, gentlemen. Seems our #CPC politicians are full of #BScience and can't do simpl…
Hon. John McKay M.P. — @CTV_PowerPlay: . @JohnMcKayLib says only 6 of 23 groups surveyed said Canada should've redesignated B.C.'s humpback whales. 'Doesn't pa…
Hon. John McKay M.P. — @CTV_PowerPlay: . @JohnMcKayLib questions the science behind the new whale numbers, since Environment Canada's budget has been cut back …
Dr. Kirsty Duncan — #SouthSudan: UN; surging violence claimed lives of #children & worsened #malnutrition among survivors @UNICEFLive @worldvisioncan #cdnpoli
Morella Gallo to Stephen Harper — @pmharper Dictator Maduro's brutal repression against pacific protests. Be our voice.#SOSVzla
Wai Young, MP — @pmharper: .@LaureenHarper & I express our condolences to the family of Herb Gray. He was an honourable parliamentarian who served his c…
Ted McMeekin to Justin Trudeau, MP — @JustinTrudeau some are suggesting a state funeral for the late great Hon Herb Gray. would you support this suggestion?
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