Dr. Kirsty Duncan — @janephilpott: Looking fwd to roundtable this morning with @JohnMcCallumMP @KirstyDuncanMP & stakeholders affected by cuts to #refugeehe
Dr. Kirsty Duncan — @Forbes: Women are still poorly represented on corporate boards – the highest level of company leadership and decision-making: http://t.…
Jennifer G to Joe Oliver — @joeoliver1 why are you propping up a proven racist, homophobe and misogynist?
Bob Zimmer MP — "@fullcomment: W Saletan: Israel is doing its best to avoid civilian deaths. Hamas can’t say the same http://t.co/6cHJmjvt0C" /Good article
Mr. X to Tony Clement — @TonyclementCPC is that the name of some new indie band you discovered?
Muhammed Bapeekee to John Baird — @HonJohnBaird @ambassadorlenk Tell your Israeli forces to stop murdering babies. ISRAEL IS A SICK SICK COUNTRY!!!! http://t.co/jg4bQZZV2R
Rhondi Peacock to Tony Clement — @TonyclementCPC but at least it's not raining out. I'd take fuzzy socks over an umbrella anyday.
Rob Clarke — @sharoncaddy: @TEMATrust helps military & emergency workers heal. More on Heroes Are Human PTSD Awareness Tour at 11ET @WhatSheSaid167 @…
Matt Greenberg to Stephen Harper — @pmharper I applaud your position on Israel, and only wished others had your insight, fortitude and courage!
byron zorzos to Tony Clement — @TonyclementCPC Willing to share? Or are you selling rights to K-Tel? ;)
byron zorzos to Tony Clement — @TonyclementCPC "Cold out" Who wrote that? I thought that you were compiling a summer playlist for your shindig. ;)
Chris Charlton — Looks like fun for kids of all ages "@TheSpec: #HamOnt Toy Museum opens for play date #HamOnt http://t.co/2OWOYNAwsB http://t.co/7aV35ay05a"
Not Mexican to Stephen Harper — @pmharper why are you going after prostitution so hard? Aren't you worried you will lose cabinet ministers by them getting arrested? #PCC
Blue Cow to John Baird — @HonJohnBaird we are complicit in these war crimes by our support politically. http://t.co/qdPGfpmZy6 #GazaUnderAttack #warcrimes
Tracey to Stephen Harper — @pmharper Look! financed by Melinda Gates: Wireless birth control could hit the market in 2018 http://t.co/VNtkLSbcrE via @TheWeek #cdnpoli
Greg to Stephen Harper — @pmharper why is our defence spending at 1%? This is a disgrace and an embarrassment. I'm a conservative and I now worry about our defence?
Scott Simms — @Gambo_Festivals: The bobber’s for the Bobber Race are now for sale at the Town Office or The Walsh House. They are $5.00 each.... http:…
Sandro Stealth to MP Parm Gill — @ParmGill A country under occupation has the right to be protected by its occupier. Check it out. UN Duty to Protect originated by Canada
henrysadowy to John Baird — @HonJohnBaird Israel allowed to murder 75 Palestinians & 14 children without media OUTRAGE? http://t.co/MxPXZlrjAnhttp://t.co/IkZE79iMBK
henrysadowy to John Baird — @HonJohnBaird Real black belt that Baird has is the one that holds up the pants that covers his big fat ass, & it's not the Taekwondo one.
john youkhanna to Olivia Chow — @oliviachow our values? Maybe your values... Not mine.
Rene Sugar to Megan Leslie, MP — @MeganLeslieMP #cdnpoli RT @CBCNews Orphaned South African girl stuck in Canadian citizenship limbo http://t.co/oUtdceZvwq
Karim Said Karim to John Baird — @HonJohnBairdOur expectation was that A Ghani after being 30s in US wd hv learned fair games rules, but he acted in his old tribleman way.
OceansAdvance NL to Rob Moore — @RobMoore_CPC Highly productive session Minister Moore. Thank you for your keen interest, observations and ongoing support. @ACOACanada
FREE PALESTINE!!! to Stephen Harper — @pmharper why do you always take obamas side? U know Israel is wrong and its not about race anymore its about humanity #FreePalestine
Vladimir SKOK to Michelle Rempel — @MichelleRempel oh gee. very wrong when you think about what you are actually consuming
YanisLakhdari to Stephen Harper — @pmharper cant believe you are supporting the Israel just because the US are too, such a follower its a shame #FreeGaza#wontvoteforyounomore
Rathika Sitsabaiesan — @CBCNews: Orphaned South African girl stuck in Canadian citizenship limbo http://t.co/dkir52utQq http://t.co/tHGc9TBkTW
CCEF to James Moore — @JamesMoore_org How about a Canadian Charter of Economic Freedoms to break trade barriers. Enforce with the same gravitas as Human Rights.
YanisLakhdari to Stephen Harper — @pmharper cant believe you are supporting Israel just because the US do, such a follower its a shame #freegaza #wontvoteforyouanymore
Local 80406 to Jack Harris — @JackHarrisNDP CFB Halifax continue to push forward with Sept 1st pay parking for Military and DND employees to help with base budget.
Asif Rehmani to Justin Trudeau, MP — @justintrudeau what is your stance on Gaza crisis where children being killed and genocide in progress, need your voice ???
Vicky Mina MUA to Megan Leslie, MP — @MeganLeslieMP @LebFestHalifax we loved having you! Hope you enjoyed yourselves!
चित्रगुप्त to Tony Clement — @TonyclementCPC World's highest railway bridge, taller than Eiffel, being built in the Himalayas, India
Jill Schaeffer to Gerry Byrne — @Gerry_Byrne @adamglantz @evansolomoncbc 11 rocket attacks against Israel in last hour.Get red alert app to keep current.
Matthew Scott to Stephen Harper — @pmharper Hey Steve, ya fucked up bud, ya fucked up.
Ryan Cleary — Good morning NL, all the ships at sea, and the soon-to-be jobless workers at Terra Nova Shoes in Harbour Grace.... http://t.co/QFfiAxLtce
Scott Armstrong — @CatCountryTruro: NS Tories launch complaint against Nova Scotia Power: http://t.co/GOLpZqUYiW
Azra Alavi to Stephen Harper — @pmharper why are we not showing any thing about the media about Palestine. Why is the government not doing anything about it?
Bob Zimmer MP — @CBCNews: Israel hit by rockets fired from Lebanon, officials say http://t.co/aspyfxjVOu http://t.co/h04eR26ZGi
Bob Zimmer MP — @IDFSpokesperson: 3 rockets were launched at central Tel Aviv. All 3 were intercepted over the Tel Aviv metropolitan area.
Shahislam Shahislam to Stephen Harper — @pmharper You can make a greatest of all time difference here & none should give up on your intelligence yet. Please make feel proud of U.
Bob Zimmer MP — @IDFSpokesperson: This is how Israelis woke up this morning. A rocket fired from Gaza hit Ashdod & caused a massive fire. http://t.co/b9
Rachel C to Michelle Rempel — @MichelleRempel if deep fried Reese's pieces are wrong, I don't want to be right.